About Wilkey Workout


My name Is Charlotte and this is my Fitness Blog.

I am married to Cameron (we got married Jan 2016), and we work from home together running a shipping business with my 2 brothers. We also have a cute dog named Iga (Cameron was in charge of picking the name, but it has grown on me). I haven’t gone through any kind of PT education, Β I started this page in 2016 because I just felt motivated to become healthier, to love my body more, to learn more about what my body can do, and to achieve my goal of becoming stronger and leaner.

This blog keeps me accountable and it also allows me to document my journey, I enjoy keeping fit and I love that I am learning so much about my body and how to keep it healthier.

Thanks for sharing this with me, any questions/ideas/feedback is much appreciated so please do get in touch.


|| Charlotte ||