I received my first outfit from SKINS last week… it is so amazing😍.

I am a big lover of workout clothes and have a slight obsession with buying them πŸ™„, I have tried out lots of the big brands and am always looking for something comfortable and affordable, although a lot of the time, bigger brands have let me down and I haven’t found the clothing as beneficial as what I hoped…

I found SKINS on Instagram a while ago and their clothing is so different and really will assist you in your fitness journey.

They sent me this outfit to try and I am completely in love. It is great for me whilst working out, and comfortable for me enough to wear throughout the day (active wear all day, I’ll take that πŸ™‹πŸΌ).

“It’s equipment, not clothing”

I have the outfit which is part of the DNAmic Range, here are the benefits I feel:

  • It is comfortable and doesn’t feel too tight on my skin, I feel like my skin can breath more during exercise
  • The fit is just right which prevents me from adjusting the straps of the sports bra throughout my workout, I am forever pulling up gym leggings because they seem to fall down a little, but I haven’t had to do this with my SKINS tights
  • SKINS focus on compression, the clothing is tight (but still comfortable) which means it has insane benefits whilst wearing them…it helps increase getting oxygen to the muscles and reduces blood lactate build up which then helps perform better and recover well
  • The leggings keep me so warm, I have been wearing my tights whilst taking the dog out (in the freezing cold) and can feel the rest of my body is cold all except my legs!
  • Whilst the outfit fits well and is tight, none of it is see through, the material quality is really good, which is something I struggle to find usually!

The reason I was so interested in SKINS was because of the workout wear having a compression feature. I have never heard of this before but it seriously helps and I feel so much more comfortable working out in this range.

I have 20% off full price items too, you can use this code WILKEY20 πŸŽ‰πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Ps. They are just so pretty 😍


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