Healthy Craving Killers

As you can tell from one of my previous posts (10 Day crackdown on cravings) I am a big sweet/chocolate lover, so I am all about sugary snacks throughout my days.

I am always trying to find different snacks to try though, and a few people have asked me about snacks/meals rather than just having the same food when they are trying to eat a little healthier.

Here are a few of the snacks I have which I consider to be healthier/better to have rather than chocolate bars, bags of sweets, crisps etc (however much I love them).

Let me know your healthier alternative snacks you have too, I would love to try them!

*Hazelnut Cacao & Coconut Truffles*


*Apple Sandwiches with Peanut Butter and Mixed Nuts Inside*

(I put lemon onto the apple slices to prevent them discolouring as fast, and we use natural crunchy peanut butter)


*Protein Shake (also with a spoon of peanut butter)*

(I usually just have protein shakes after my workouts, but if I miss having one after my workout and I get a craving for something sweet during the day, I just whip up one of these and it takes my sweet tooth away)


*Mixed Nuts*

(You can buy these in large/medium/small bags from most supermarkets, I used to hate them but now I enjoy eating them, they just take a bit of getting used to)


*Strawberry soft Liquorice*

(Not necessarily a healthy snack, but these taste exactly like strawberry laces and because they are quite strong tasting, I only eat one every day or so, for me it is classed as a healthier option because I stops me eating a bag full of laces)


*Fruit Salad*


*Apple Slices dipped in Almond butter*

(Again this one is a little strange at first, but I love having this as a little snack mid morning)


*Any Kind of fruit*

(Here I have passion fruit and a tub of berries, they can be a little expensive to buy sometimes, but fruit makes all the difference for me and so I make sure we get a fair bit in when we do our shops)

*Soul Bia treats*

Soul Bia kindly sent me some of their treats and they taste so so good, plus their small packets are the best because you can just have them on the go, the Coco Bella Bites taste amazing!


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