Drop it like a squat 

A few people have asked me to do a post about the correct form for squats!

There are a few different styles of squats that you can do, but I’m just going to go into the correct form for a basic squat

Squats help you to burn more calories in the body… an effective way to burn calories is actually to gain more muscle 🤔 crazy I know this helps you to burn additional calories than normal

Squats are a good excerise for the body in whole because you tone and tighten your glutes 🍑 your abs and your legs. Whilst also triggering the release of growth hormones in the body which assists in the growth of muscle throughout the body.

The action used whilst performing the squat helps the flow of fluids throughout the body… so they also help with digestion!

You don’t need to use equipment and you can do squats pretty much anywhere (as seen in my pictures below) whilst still having the above benefits! (you already do them when getting on/off the sofa and getting on/off the toilet 👀)

Key points to remember whilst doing a squat:

  1. Feet need to be shoulder width apart
  2. Start with straight legs and a straight back
  3. As you squat down your back will arch naturally, keep the chest upright
  4. Keep your knees inline with your toes, don’t let them go past your toes as it’s quite easy for your knees to hover forward so focus on controlling the squat
  5. You may want to put your arms out straight in front of you as you go down to help your balance if you are struggling
  6. Focus forward and try not to look down as it may compromise your form (this is my weakness, I always look down but when you look ahead your form is a lot better).
  7. Make sure that as you go down, your feet are flat on the ground and the weight is on your heels and not your toes, this will help you to keep your hips parallel to your knees
  8. And push yourself up again!

Done! The form can be a little confusing, especially as your start to do different styles of the squat (with weights, or sumo squats or jump squats) I will do a post shortly of the different types of squats and examples of the form for them all.

But keep practising and you will get there, then give the different styles a go (Sumo Squats are probably my favourite) I still have to correct my form when I get complacent so just keep focused 🙂

If you have any questions do let me know via instagram (@charlottewilkey) or via this page.



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