Day 10: Crackdown on cravings

10 DAYS IS UP!!!!

I am so happy because these last few days have been the hardest, but I did it!
I’m so glad that I pushed through, I had a few weak points like when we were in edinburgh surrounded by Iron Bru…but I didn’t give in.

We went out for some food the other night and I had a slight slip up with some strawberry ice cream, I started eating it and was telling Cameron how nice it was and then we both looked at each other and laughed, maybe I wasn’t supposed to eat it… oops! 😩 But it was an honest mistake I promise 😳

Here are some of the benefits I found from doing this little challenge of giving up my favourite treats for 10 days:

  • I was a lot happier, but It’s hard to explain, because it is as if I was more ‘naturally’ happy if that makes sense? When I have chocolate I usually just feel so dependent on it making me in a better mood/helping me to feel less tired but really It just kind of masks that… and I feel way worse hours later, but without fizzy drinks/sweets and chocolate I genuinely felt a little bit more ‘myself’
  • Less migraines, I suffer from bad migraines where a side of my face aches and then I get tooth ache and nausea along with them but the first migraine I had today in 10 days was after I had eaten some chocolate as my treat and it was so uncomfortable!
  • I found it easier to exercise, I feel like usually when I don’t have fizzy drinks I have greater stamina when on the treadmill or on a run/walk, when I have had fizzy drinks I feel acid in my throat when I get tired as I am exercising and feel as if I can’t carry on for very long.
  • My sleep was better, this one has been so strange, we have had some of our american friends come to stay and they stayed in our room, Cameron and I slept in the single bed in the spare room, which we had to squeeze on, but strangely I still felt like my sleep was good even though it may have been uncomfortable (usually when I don’t sleep well I wake up with a migraine) and I didn’t wake up with any whilst not having any of the sugary treats!
  • Less bloated, I felt a lot less bloated throughout these 10 days and have seen much more progress on my core than before I started this too.

Am I going to cut out the things I crave completely? No, just because I feel like It is nice to have a treat sometimes, but I am going to control having them a lot better and make sure that are just a treat and not a necessity each day. I feel like we know what our body wants & needs and we just need to be smart about it and control what and how we eat certain foods ,  than just being so dependent on the treats we love to have! I am so glad that I did this challenge because it has taught me so much discipline, self control and it has helped me get to know my body more! πŸ€—




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