New Gym & Arm Day Workout πŸ’ͺ🏼

Our friend introduced us to a gym nearby last week! The gym is called Adrenaline in Haslingden… it’s super nice and has the prettiest changing rooms too 😩

I will share some pictures of it below, it’s a leisure centre so there are also tons of classes/ a pool/ football pitches etc. And everyone is so friendly there, so we are liking it already! 

At the moment with my workouts I am trying to do 20/30 minutes focused on isolating a certain muscle group (back, arms, legs etc.) and then I am finishing off with around 20 minutes HIIT/cardio/full body. I feel like this will help me to become more lean which is my goal. 

Here are a few excercises of my workout this morning doing arms, I  did chin ups along with these but didn’t get to film them, this workout killed me, I haven’t worked arms properly for a while so even after the first exercise I had no strength left… which I’m sure you will see πŸ™ƒ

Any questions about the new gym/or my workout feel free to ask via my blog or instagram page (charlottewilkey) 

Oh and I am still going strong without fizzy pop/sweets/chocolate 😩



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