Day 2: Crackdown on cravings

Its Friday!!! 

Today was a little harder than yesterday, I haven’t had any headaches or anything which is what happened the last time I cut out fizzy drinks, so that is a positive. 

I had some cereal for breakfast, we slept in so didn’t make it to the gym πŸ™„ but I’m treating today as a rest day as we are staying away this weekend so I will end up using the gym at the hotel. 

For lunch I had some boiled eggs with whole meal toast πŸ˜› I may be a little obsessed with eggs! Cam hates them but they are so filling, so a good snack to have on a busy day! The boys went and brought KFC back to the house (we work from home) so that was laammmeee! Lame because they brought Pepsi max which is one of my favourite fizzy drinks too 😩 but I didn’t give in to the drink and sat there with my water, and had some blackberries and grapes for a little snack. 

I was quite full from lunch so for dinner I am in the process of making a vegetable soup… pretty late I know! But I’m prepping it so it keeps me going for the next couple of days, I just nipped out to the shop to buy more fruit (I am a huge fruit and veg lover) I bought: 


Passion fruit





Oh and some crackers as a snack too! 

Cam also persuaded me to cut out cordial today because of the sugar in it, and I would just use that as a substitute for fizzy drinks… but I’m ok with my water for now! 😊

I am missing the chocolate and sweets a little, just because we always like to have some sweet food to snack on whilst watching TV at the weekend, but maybe my fruit will get me through it, day 2 done! 

Happy Friday! ❀❀


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