Day 1: Crackdown on Cravings

It’s day 1, I made sure I finished the chocolate and sweets that were in the house last night ready for today.

I had a good workout in the gym this morning, I did a full body workout at our new gym (I will post some pictures of the gym in the next post… it is so nice!) I always get motivated to eat right after doing a full body workout or cardio because I just feel so unfit after doing them, so it was a good one to start with.

I wasn’t too bothered about this new challenge in the morning, it doesn’t really affect me after the gym when I am getting into work. Before my workout I had a pre workout drink, then after I had a protein shake, and they both taste so good. I work in an office and am busy throughout the day so my mind is kept distracted from craving the sweet snacks.

For lunch I had whole meal bread toasted with an avacado (all about avacados😍) spread on top, 2 poached eggs and some fried tomato and mushrooms on the side. That’s one of my favourite meals to have for lunch so I didn’t feel myself craving anything afterwards!

In the afternoon my phone broke which completely stressed me out… I had to factory reset it and I lost all of my pictures and videos 😒 because I was so stressed out I knew if I would of eaten something sweet it would have relaxed me a little… but I didn’t! I just carried on being a little moody 😳

From around 3-5pm I don’t really snack and work get a little quieter so that’s usually when I want sweet things, I just started prepping food for tea and grabbed an apple to eat and my sister was over to keep me company whilst Cam went out!

For dinner we had Italian chicken, brown rice and broccoli, and now I’m back at the gym doing abs! (We are taking a trip to the shop afterwards so I will probably get real tempted thereπŸ™„) but it’s helping me to focus on my good food more and motivating me to try some healthier power snacks during the day!

It’s almost the weekend… which I am dreading, but I’m keeping up on drinking my water (popping lemon inside the bottle helps it taste a little less boring) and I’m motivated to sticking to my plan!


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