10 Day crackdown on cravings

One of my weaknesses is food, not even my meals – because I feel like I have quite a balanced diet… more my snacks!

I am all about chocolate, fizzy drinks and sweets. I used to drink Coke all the time and I have got better recently, but I still want to come away from having it, just because of how good I felt when I didn’t drink it for a few months. I love chocolate (preferably creme eggs) so I would easily eat it every day, and I am always finding myself buying those fizzy pencil sweets when I have to nip out to the shop.

These are the snacks I crave, pretty much every day, but I have realised that to get my body into the shape I want it to be, It is all about my food and the cravings I have is what is slowing me down, because I always give in.

I am going to challenge myself, starting tomorrow, to quit chocolate/fizzy drinks and sweets for 10 days, so I am not quitting sugar out completely, I’m just controlling what I eat more and getting rid of the snacks that prevent me from making progress. Through writing all of this I am hoping it will keep me disciplined throughout, and accountable… so now I have to do it!

Wish me luck and if you wanted to join in feel free to do so!

I will write updates each day and you can follow along via my Instagram (@charlottewilkey) and my snapchat (@charfergus)



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