Gymtimidation/Getting over the awkwardness

It is almost Friday yesss! πŸ˜›

I was debating whether to write this blog post, but I always want to be real and honest with my content so here it goes!

For a lot of people I know, including myself, getting into exercise whether it is running/going to the gym/swimming it can be a little daunting at first, for the few people I speak to about this they say that they “Feel awkward” or “they get scared people are looking or laughing because they don’t know what to do” I thought I had overcome this a while ago – you will read a bit about this in my earlier blog post Being Confident

Last night we went to work back at the gym (I already hate working out in the evenings because it is so busy) I thought I’d be ok because I have been fine when it has been busy at the gym recently when I have had to go in the evenings! So I started on deadlifts, it was around 6pm and the gym was packed, and I went upstairs into the weights room, it is full of guys and mostly body builders, which usually doesn’t bother me! But all of a sudden I just thought everyone was staring at me, and judging my form and judging the weights I was lifting and judging my clothes… it was driving me crazy!! The leggings that I was wearing were riding down to show my back and my top would be pushed up all thanks to my weight belt and I just felt exposed, it was so strange because usually I am fine, and I don’t know, nor does it matter if people were even watching me, I just felt so self conscious all of a sudden, I stopped doing deadlifts early and just went to do other exercises but it was just getting worse and because I was focusing so much on everyone else I wasn’t concentrating on my form and so I wasn’t working out the best, in the end I ended up getting around a good 30 minute workout in and then I just went into the car, I felt so down and I was more annoyed at myself that I actually felt so self conscious. I just had a meltdown and burst into tears. Then I realised that it was all down to confidence, I consider myself to have a good knowledge of workouts to do and the form of them and just being confident in the gym, but last night my head just got the best of me and I was so worried about what people would think.

So even with all of my posts I do sometimes feel awkward or embarrassed about doing certain workouts and I try to overcome that, for a start off just by going to the gym in the morning instead of at the night time, because it is so much quieter then.

There really is no need to feel awkward or embarrassed at the gym or just working out in general, everyone is there/doing it for the same reason, to get fit. We may need to remind ourselves of that occasionally.

It is just a case of stepping out of your comfort zone and conquering any awkwardness that you may feel, I worked out again this morning and there was no meltdown today and I feel a whole lot better for sharing this as well! πŸ’ͺ🏼

Please never let the goals that you have be limited because of self doubt or feeling awkward in front of people or embarrassed because you may not be familiar with what to do, you can always find a way to overcome them! 





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