Favourite 5 on Instagram

Happy Monday!

I wanted to do a quick post on some of my favourite Instagram accounts that I love following, these accounts help me so much when I just need some extra motivation/new workout ideas/activewear inspiration and funny memes that make the pain of aching muscles durable!

The owners of these accounts just seem so real and honest which is the main reason I love browsing through their posts and following them, if you give them a follow I’m sure you will feel the same and find some inspiration and motivation along the way!

**I like to have a lot of people that seem to be on a similar journey to me on all of my social network pages, that way when I’m doing my checks on Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook I am reminded of what my intentions are and get a boost of motivation (and less distracted) ** Click here for my Instagram Page

  1. The Fit Girl Rules – @thefitgirlrules
    I love the recipe’s that they share on their Instagram/the health tips they share/the workouts they post and the quotes they always have on their Instagram, I love following this account! They also have some nice merchandise that they sell over at their store! You will be able to get access their website through their Instagram page.

2. Revie Jane – @reviejane
Revie owns a cross fit gym in Australia and I love seeing her posts about her fitness journey whilst also being a great mum to her cute girl Lexi, she posts about her workouts/progress and just life in general cross fitting!

3.    Cara Loren – @caraloren
Fashion Lifestyle Blogger, she posts quite a bit about her workouts and the active wear she likes! Which is always a bonus 😉

4.   Nikki Blackketter – nikkiblackketter
A Youtuber and a Gymshark Athlete, so mostly all of her posts are fitness related, she posts her progress/workouts and new Gymshark wear that she gets! I Love following her and her youtube videos are good to watch!

5.  Ashley Barron – ashleybarron.fitness
Ashley is a fitness enthusiast, she posts lots of workout videos which is really helpful, she also shares meal inspiration and always has nice active wear that she tags on her photo’s.


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