Fit Tips for your 2017

Happy New Year!!

For a lot of people, including myself, a popular new years resolution is related to keeping fit, whether it is to achieve a healthier lifestyle/lose weight or to achieve fitness goals.

This year I am figuring out what kind of hobbies that associate to keeping fit and healthy I would like to start, and just where I would like my working out to take me. I am and will be continuing to research the workouts that are best for me and the kind of exercise that I enjoy the most!

I wanted to share some of my top tips that are good for when you are just needing a little push to get yourself to the gym or get yourself to go for a run or just do some basic exercise at home. These worked and do still do work for me and help me to get the best out of my workouts!

  1. Think about the reason that you want to have this change of lifestyle, is it to lose weight? Or is it to build muscle?  Or is it keep fit? This way I find it easier to plan my workouts and it gives me a sense of direction.
  2. Plan your workouts, this is a huge help for me! I plan my workouts the night before so that I know which area of the body I will be working in the gym, it helps me to keep focused instead of thinking about what workout I should do next and it also helps me to look onto trying new workouts! I always feel a little awkward if I don’t workout with Cameron and I haven’t planned my workouts just because I will waste time being in the gym by figuring out what to do. It is also a great way of getting motivated, there are a lot of apps that will help you to plan workouts, the ones I like the most are “My Fitness Pal” and “Workout” there are also a lot of Social Media Accounts now where people share their workouts.
  3. Find a workout Partner!! If I didn’t have Cameron as my workout partner I definitely wouldn’t even be working out at all! This makes all of the difference… here is a blog post I did on the benefits I felt of having a workout partner.                                    Workout Partners! 
  4. Take Progress Pictures to monitor your progress so you can see how great you are doing! I aim to take my progress pictures once a week in the same clothes and in the same place, that way you can see how much your body has changed and it keeps you accountable to keep working hard.
  5. JUST GO FOR IT!!! Procrastination can be a killer for this type of thing, so when you get the buzz of wanting to keep fit and healthy, use it and just take that first big step, it is so worth it!

These small steps all make a big difference for me, they help me keep motivated and disciplined as well. There are so many other steps that can go along with these, do share if you have some you are thinking of!






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