Let’s talk about goals!

I’ve started this blog but I have realised its not really clear what my goals and aspirations are.

Often when I tell people I’m going to the gym or I want to eat healthier they seem shocked and say “but you don’t need to” “you don’t need to lose weight” “you’re already slim” “Theres nothing to you”.

There is a lot more to keeping fit and being healthy than loosing weight, it’s a personal journey which is so different for each person!

Whether the aim is to lose weight/gain weight or gain muscle i find it so amazing that people feel so passionate about their bodies that they want to feel the best about them.

I don’t go to the gym because I hate my body, I go to the gym because I love my body”Β 

Cameron (my husband) is really into working out and healthy eating and so I really didn’t have a choice when we got married as to whether I went to the gym or not, I would feel really bad if I didn’t go with him.

So I would go each morning (well the mornings that I could be bothered waking up) and just go along with what he did, I remember one time I just stood at the side with the heater blowing, just because I was bored, cold (I obviously wasn’t doing much) and I just wanted to go home.

It was until someone called me up on just doing nothing at the gym that I decided to change! I knew it wouldn’t be easy for me to quit, so I let it take me the other way and decided that if I was to be into this whole “new healthy start” I had to be all or nothing, or there would just be no point for me.

I would love to be lean and have a healthy balanced diet, through having these goals I have been able to try different foods and widen the range of meals I eat, I’ve also been able to understand just how incredible our bodies are and do things I would usually shy away from because of feeling “uncomfortable”.

My journey to being fit, is so benifitial both mentally, physically and spiritually, it helps me to be more confident and to really appreciate the health we have.

So I am not exactly at the point I would like to be, but I feel great and I am so excited about the potential I have to be where I would like to be.

What are your goals?

I promise that if we keep working at whatever it may be that we aspire to, we can do great things and be happier people, we don’t have to give up, and if you haven’t started to work towards that long list of things that you’d like to do or you’d like to be, start now! What have you got to lose?

** side note, if you want to keep up to date with my workouts/progress follow me on snapchat @charfergus


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