Mind over mattress 

I am definitely a lover of sleep, if my body would let me, I could sleep all day!

Now as if waking up was not already hard to do… We wake up for the gym super early… So when I feel exhausted, it’s time to work out! I will be honest, it doesn’t bring me the greatest joy when I am half dead in a morning.

I usually have to plead with Cameron “please just one more minute… Ok now just one more minute” (it drives him insane to say the least) 

But I manage to fight through the tiredness and wake up to start my day with a morning at the gym.

It can be so hard to motivate yourself to excersise early morning, but it is so worth it! I start my working day with so much more energy and a positive attitude!

I mentioned in an earlier post (link below) that when I don’t go to the gym I really struggle at work and end up having migraines, so I really feel the benefit when I do go to the gym in the mornings!


I know it’s daunting and it is so hard sometimes, especially if you have had a really bad nights sleep or a late night, but I guarantee that you will feel 100% better!

Give it a try, you don’t have to go to the gym, it could just be a simple walk or an at home workout, I promise you will feel a difference!

Here are some of the benefits of waking up early and exercising

  • Because you get your body pumping at the gym or by doing which ever kind of workout you may do, your body is woken up and filled with a lot more energy than it would be by just slowly getting out of bed and getting ready
  • You are motivated!!! Think of all of that motivation it takes to get your body moving, you are ready to conquer the day ahead!
  • If you get yor workout done in the morning… You no longer have to do it in the evening… All done 😉
  • A lot of the time if you work out in the evening you may not get a good sleep due to all of the energy you still have from killing it in your workout earlier on! So gradually you will sleep better if you exercise in the morning


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