Legs legs legs 

Today was leg day, I love doing legs! It’s a lot of fun and when you’ve done the workout you feel the pain straight away! (I always end up walking down the gym stairs groaning at how tired my legs feel) Maybe that’s why people try to skip leg day? 🤔

To keep your body in proportion it’s important to work each major muscle, leg day cannot be missed!

Here are a few workouts Cameron and I do for legs, they all focus on working our quadriceps, gluteus, hamstrings and calves.

The “after leg day pain” is a killer, but so worth it.
Feeling sore is proof that your workout was INTENSE!

Getting fit/exercising/eating healthily is not the easiest of roads, but keep motivated and believe in yourself… You can do it! If you have goals keep working towards them and keep positive! I am amazed at how strong our bodies are and can be, and it feels so good to look after them.

We are about to go for some sprints around a track not that I was planning  on spending my whole Saturday working  out, but I have some serious strawberry laces cravings to get rid of 😩

Happy Saturday 💪🏼

Ps. Add me on snapchat to see more of our workouts;  charfergus








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