It hurts to put on deodorant…Arm day!!!

Today was arm day at the gym, I used to hate working arms because I literally could not lift anything! I would be on the tiniest weights or no weight at all and I still couldn’t do the exercise (but now I’ve realised that wasn’t a bad thing, it’s not about the amount of weight that you lift, it’s about getting your form right and building that muscle so that you can then progress onto the higher weights) I don’t mind working arms now, mainly because I feel I can see a difference in the way my arms are and I feel I have already progressed so much in getting stronger in that area, which only motivates me to work harder and not drop out!

Cameron still pulls me up on my form sometimes and so I have to drop to lower weights, or re – focus but I definitely feel that I’m getting better.

Never did I realise that there are so many parts of the arm that you need to work (triceps, biceps, forearms, wrists)

One bit of advice I would have (which I also need to take on) is that it should always be form over weights, the most important thing is to get your form right instead of worrying about how big/small a weight you may be lifting.

Below are a few examples of the exercises we do for arms! We usually do 3 sets then a drop set, so for example in regards to doing an exercise with dumbbells;

*1st set could be 10 reps of 2kg*

*2nd set could be 10 reps of 4kg*

*3rd set could be 10 reps of 6kg*

*Drop set could be 15 reps back down at 2kg or lower*

You always know when you’ve had a good arm workout because it’s so hard to even lift your arms even slightly later on in the day! It is all worth it!

The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do!

70% of people that start a fitness plan quit. 

Except you. Not this time. 



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