I hate it, but i love it!

I want to start off with a quick overview on how I go about working out during the week.

Me and Cameron wake up at around 6:40am (monday-friday) and try to make it to the gym for 7am. I am in no way a morning person so pre workouts are the best way to get me fully awake at that time ha! The pre workout we use is linked below, it is amazing!!

Pre Workout – Curse Tropical Storm

So we usually do a day for each area that we’d like to work (back, abs, legs, chest etc.) I’d say that Abs is for sure my favourite, I love how you can feel how hard your core is working whilst doing the workouts, but to be honest, pretty much all kinds of workouts also work the core, which is great because your toning your stomach without even focusing on it, bonus πŸ˜‰

Chest is probably my least favourite as I am really weak in the exercises we do, which kind of bums me out sometimes, but I feel progress coming along and I can do now, what I couldn’t before.

I think sometimes it’s hard to not feel deflated after not being able to do a certain work out, or not being able to complete as many sets or do as much weight, but as long as your better than last time… Your making progress and that’s all that matters. I hate the fact that I cannot do something, but I love that I feel passionate enough to feel disappointed, it keeps me motivated!

Good – Better – Best is what I’m striving for!Β 



6 thoughts on “I hate it, but i love it!

    1. Oh really? Well we just happened to but the curse because we ran out of our other PWO, so I don’t think I had enough time with it to build any tolerance against it! We use another PWO now called C4 which is super good!!


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